Cleentek supply Industrial Cleaning and Degreasing Machines including Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment

Founded in 1999, we have become a leading UK supplier of industrial cleaning and degreasing machines. At Cleentek we offer an extensive range of standard and custom made component cleaning machines, which includes both spray wash systems and ultrasonic cleaning equipment. We have worked with a variety of customers across the UK, Denmark and Germany.

All of our industrial cleaning machines are fabricated from stainless steel which looks sleek in design; all of which are in accordance with the CE machinery directives. We create our machines to appear functional and simple to use. The Cleentek degreasing machines make minimal noise as we have integrated insulating panels into the framework.

Here at Cleentek, we pride ourselves on the quality of our industrial cleaning machines. We aim to provide a level of customer care which is second to none. If there is anything we can assist you with, our contact details are below.

If you’ve got any questions about our degreasing and cleaning machines, call our friendly and helpful team today on +44 (0)844 567 2950 and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

“We design simple and user-friendly cleaning systems, which are reliable and clean parts every day all year round without harming the environment” Kristian Pausgaard, founder and partner