Print Industry

Cleentek supply both ultrasonic cleaning and spray wash equipment for the print industry. Both technologies can be used for removing printing inks from anilox rollers, ink trays, doctor bladesand other printing press components.

Anilox Roller Cleaner – Ultrasonic Cleaning Method

We supply purpose made ultrasonic cleaning equipment for the cleaning of anilox rollers. This equipment can be constructed for the cleaning of 1, 2 or more rollers simultaneously. We produce these cleaning baths in various sizes to accommodate different roller dimensions but all units feature an adjustable roller support as standard. The U-650 M/2 pictured above has been designed for cleaning 2 rollers with lengths up to 65cm long.

Spray-Wash Systems

Top Loader Machines

Spray Wash Technology can also be used for the effective cleaning of all types of printing press components. The pictures below show an RT900 Top Loader Cleaning Machines which is being used for the cleaning of rollers and ink trays. This machine has a 900mm diameter basket, in which the components to be cleaned are positioned. The picture on the left shows the contaminated parts and the picture on the right shows the parts after a 15 minute wash cycle.

Front Loader Machines

Cleentek's Front Loader Cleaning Machines also utilise spray wash technology for cleaning components. They can be manufactured for cleaning longer and larger components than the Top Loader Cleaning Machines. The DF 2300 Frontloader machine in the picture below was constructed specially for BPI Polythene, who required a machine for cleaning parts up to 2.3 metres long. This machine was also supplied with a pre-soak tank for the pre-cleaning of very heavily contaminated parts, which helps also to prolong the life of the cleaning solution in the Front Loader Machine.