07.10.2008  Bright new kid on industrial cleaning block comes ready with proven technology.

Cleentek Ltd, a new UK supplier of surface cleaning equipment, is set to supply a broad cross-section of industries with a variety of cleaning and finishing techniques which have already proven highly successful for hundreds of manufacturers in Europe and the Middle East.

Cleentek Ltd MD Kevin Whittle with a modular Compo Cleaner

A joint venture between the owners of Universal Finishing Systems in North Wales and Denmark’s Cleentek A/S, the new company is a partnership between two national leaders in their fields, both with over 20 years’ history of strong technical development and international business.

“Unlike companies who simply buy in their equipment, Cleentek Ltd is a 50/50 partnership involving close co-operation between the UK and Denmark on solutions to the domestic market,” says it's managing director Kevin Whittle. “Single-site manufacture means constant quality across the range, and we have already supplied the likes of Shell, Rexam and Tyco here in the UK.”

Cleentek Ltd majors in aqueous spray washing machines for cleaning and degreasing, but is now also launching ultrasonic cleaning baths for the pharmaceutical and medical industries. Models vary widely in size and complexity, starting with the entry-level single skin RT series toploaders to the fully insulated DT series toploaders, which include touch pad control and an integrated manual wash station.

Frontloaders include the DF series of cabin washing machines and the latest addition, the Mustang Frontloader, which is not only extremely robust in construction (handling parts up to 2000 kg with no problem) but includes both a wash and rinse stage as standard.

In addition to the cabin cleaning machines is the increasingly popular Compo Cleaner in-line conveyor wash system, which can feature wash, rinse, passivate, phosphate and/or dry functions. Several ton of parts can be processed every hour, and being continuous, the Compo Cleaner can be placed in directly in the production line and specified to work in conjunction with the factory’s working cycle time.

“With the need for companies to move away from solvent degreasing, we foresee many UK companies being interested in what Cleentek has to offer, from industries as diverse as fine chemicals, automotive, aerospace and material processing to agricultural and refurbishment & re-engineering,” says Kevin Whittle.

“Our manufacturing philosophy is ‘the fewer the parts, the better the quality’, and we have a wide range of demonstration equipment in place for prospective clients to carry out cleaning tests, simply by calling 01244 280654.”