10.02.2009  Cleentek is automatic choice for BPI Industrial

In one of the first contracts for Cleentek Ltd, the new joint venture between Universal Finishing Systems and Cleentek A/S, an automatic cleaning system has been supplied to British Polythene Industries plc (BPI), the largest manufacturer of polythene film, bags and sacks in Europe.


The Cleentek Frontloader was ordered by BPI’s Industrial Division for the production of heavy-duty sacks and industrial and agricultural films. The cleaning system will be used predominantly for removing solvent based inks, which contaminate various machine parts such as doctor blade chambers, ink trays, drip trays ands machine guards on BPI’s printing presses.

With a 600-litre tank, the custom designed automatic machine will dramatically improve speed and efficiency over the traditional cleaning methods used for BPI’s many presses. So longstanding is the ink contamination on some parts that Cleentek Ltd has also supplied a pre-soak tank to ensure complete cleaning in the Frontloader, and in minutes not hours.

BPI can now dispense with the time consumption and potential hazards of manual cleaning with solvents. Parts are now placed on a work platform for pneumatic immersion into Cleentek’s specially formulated cleaning solution, which is heated and constantly circulating. After a soak of 15-60 minutes (according to contamination), the parts are removed to the GF 900/2300 Frontloader.

Cleentek’s solution contains only 10% cleaning fluid in water, more proof of the efficiency of its system in removing the solid coloured inks applied in each print run on the polythene sacks and films. The solution is heated to 70° C ands sprayed at high pressure on to the printing machine parts in the wash cabin. While three rotary spray bars jet from the bottom of the cabin, a motor driven stainless steel spray bar jets from all angles at the top and sides.

The intelligent machine is fitted with a high-pressure fine infiltration system which removes ink residue to prolong the life of the cleaning solution, and has an automatic water filling function and chemical dosing system to maintain the correct level of concentration.

The BPI installation underlines the universality of applications for Cleentek Ltd’s range of surface cleaning equipment, now being introduced into the UK having proved highly successful for hundreds of manufacturers in Europe and the Middle East.

As a joint venture between two national leaders in their fields, both with over 20 years’ history of strong technical development and international business, Cleentek Ltd majors in aqueous spray washing machines for cleaning and degreasing. It serves industries from fine chemicals, automotive, aerospace and material processing to agricultural and refurbishment & re-engineering, but is now also launching ultrasonic cleaning baths for the pharmaceutical and medical industries.