Conveyor Washers

Compo Cleaner 1040If you want a very flexible cleaning system, you should choose the Compo Cleaner. This in-line conveyor wash system is manufactured in modules, which can feature wash, rinse, passivate, phosphate and / or dry functions. In other words – the conveyor washer is specified according to the application and is available in 3 different working widths (CC 1020, 1040, 1060) to suit the dimensions of your components.

Operation of the machine

The conveyor washer is a throughfeed machine, so parts are processed continuously. The converyor washer is designed, so it can be placed directly in the production line or used in conjunction with a robot for a continuous cleaning of parts day and night. Therefore the conveyor washer can make the logistics in your business more efficient.

Robustly constructed in stainless steel, the system has a large capacity, which means that it is capable of processing several tons of parts every hour. Noise and heat insulating panels are used in the construction of the Compo Cleaner cobveyor washer, which greatly reduces the outer noise levels and enables the machine to carry out the required cleaning processes at high temperatures.

Design and user friendliness

The Compo Cleaner is designed totally in stainless steel both inside and out. To give the machine a more simple and neutral appearance, we have integrated a lot of components into the conveyor washer. In practice, this design means that there are few components outside the system, which could otherwise obstruct and inconvenience the machine operators.

The system has a compact construction, which makes it easier to operate. On the outside, you will find only the control panel. From this it is easy to programme and operate the machine and make various adjustments, such as setting the speed and temperature of the separate wash tanks.

Wash day and night

The Compo Cleaner is perfect for installation in any production lines, where machines have to run continuously for 24 hours. The conveyor washer is equipped with an efficient return flow system, which returns the cleaning solution through a filtration system to the wash tank. The wash water is continuously filtered and collects any loose debris from the components. On the pressure side of the pump system, efficient pressure filters are installed to prevent nozzles blocking, which could otherwise reduces the cleaning performance.

COMPO Conveyorised Cleaning Machines and Tunnel Washers

One of Cleentek’s most popular degreasing machine is its “COMPO” conveyorised cleaning machine. This is one of the most compact tunnel cleaning machines available. The standard machines starts with a working width of 200mm, but the belt width can be increased in increments of 100mm to suit the application. The COMPO tunnel cleaning machine has been in Cleentek’s product range for many years and Cleentek have built up considerable experience in manufacturing tunnel cleaning machines in various configurations to suit the application. Tunnel washers are often supplied as 3 stage wash, rinse and dry machines, but the range of configurations is almost limitless starting from simple single wash stage only machines, to machines with various wash, rinse, DI water rinse, air blowing and hot air drying stages.

Conveyor Washer Equipment

Due to the modular construction of the Compo Cleaner and the large selection of optional extra equipment, we can offer our customers a conveyor washer which meets their exact requirements.

As can be seen on the drawing below, the conveyor washer can be adapted to meet various requirements. The system can be manufactured to wash/degrease, rinse, passivate/ phosphate and/or dry components, so that they are ready either for the next stage in the manufacturing process or for despatch.

Click here to see the list of optional extra equipment available.