Front Loading Cleaning Machines (Multi)

Mustang FrontloaderThe latest washing system in the Frontloader family is the Mustang, which can be delivered in the following four versions: C90, 130, 150 and 200. The machine comes as standard as a two stage system. This means that the system can be used for the following processes: wash – rinse, wash – passivate or wash – phosphate. The system has an extremely robust construction, which without problems can handle parts up to 2000 kg.

Operation of the machine

The parts to be cleaned are sprayed like the DF-series with a high flow via the spray bars, which rotate either through spray pressure or a mechanical drive. The spray bars are mounted with flat pattern nozzles, which provide efficient cleaning results.

Design and user friendliness

The Mustang is designed in a compact and simple way. Even though the Mustang is constructed to handle a lot of different jobs, it is still important that the machine is not complex – either to look at or operate.

The systems are prepared for mounting different optional extras such as drying and filtration units, oil skimmers, extraction fan/steam condenser, discharge pump and chemical dosing. All the extra units can be integrated in the machine without external components, which means that it still is a compact machine with straight lines.


The Mustang comes as standard with the vision 3000 control, which makes it easy to programme different wash cycles. The Mustang can also be delivered with Siemens PLC S7/200 with appurtenant soft touch panel.

There is a large selection of optional extra equipment for the Mustang. Click here to find out more.