At Cleentek we design simple and user-friendly cleaning systems, which are reliable and clean parts every day all year round without harming the environment.

Below is an overview of our product range.

Top Loading Cleaning Machines

Cleentek offers two versions of toploader; the DT and RT-series. They both have access from the top for loading parts and use a rotating basket.

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Front Loading Cleaning Machines (Single)

Our DF range have a vertical front door, and the machine cleans components through use of an efficient rotating wash system. The machines are ideal for the cleaning of large components.

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Conveyor Washers

This is our in-line wash system which is manufactured in modules. Features include wash, rinse, passivate, phosphate and / or dry functions.

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Front Loading Cleaning Machines (Multi)

Cleentek's Mustang machines operate a two stage system as standard. This means that the system can be used for the following processes: wash – rinse, wash – passivate or wash – phosphate.

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Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment

Cleentek offer a wide range of ultrasonic cleaning equipment. This includes a selection of competitively priced bench top models, freestanding units with an overflow feature and complete multi-stage cleaning machines.

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Optional Extras

We have a wide range of extra equipment for our range of cleaning machines.

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Cleaning Chemicals

We can also provide a large selection of different cleaning solutions for use in our machines. Please contact us for advice and a recommendation for your system.

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