Top Loading Cleaning Machines

Cleentek offers two versions of toploader; the DT and RT-series.


They both have access from the top for loading parts and use a rotating basket. Different machines sizes are available.


DT Series

The DT-series is available in 2 sizes; DT700C and DT800C. The DT – series is a fully automatic cleaning machine, which comes with the option of manual cleaning using the connected brush and gun tools. The DT-series can heat cleaning solutions up to 90°C, and the machines are very quiet in operation owing to the sound insulating panels. The system comes with a low level control to protect the pump and heating element.

The DT-model is used to great succes by manufacturing companies, graphic / printing companies, service and maintenance companies, automotive companies, offshore and the navy sector.

The DT-series is fabricated in stainless steel, internally and externally, which provides good sound and heat insulation. The DT-series is equipped with the Vision 2000 control panel, which provides a digital display of the parameters and a soft touch keypad to adjust the wash cycle.

RT Series

The RT-series is available in 3 sizes; RT700, 900 and 1150. All three models have a simple and reliable operation, and the machine is always dependable. All the machines are made in stainless steel, and you have the facility to adjust the temperature between 30 - 60°C and the cleaning time between 0 – 30 minutes. All models are fitted with a low level control to protect the pump and heating element.

The RT-model is widely used by machine shops, manufacturing companies, offshore and the navy sector.


Operation of the machine

The dirty components are placed in the basket, which rotates during the wash cycle. The toploaders operate by utilizing 3 sided spraying with a high flow of heated, water-based cleaning solutions.

Design and user friendliness

All the toploader machines have a compact design, which makes them look as simple, as they are to use. Both the DT- and the RT-series have a simple control panel, from which the operator can adjust the wash cycle to suit the application.


In order to specify the machine so that is suited to your application, you can choose from a wide variety of optional extra equipment. Click here to find out more.