Spray washers

Conveyor Washers

Our conveyor washers can either be Tunnel Washers or Drum Washers. Tunnel Washers usually have a conveyor belt to transport parts through the machine. The Drum Washer uses a perforated helical drum, which transports small parts through the machine. Both options are configured with different washing zones to suit the application. A wide variety of optional extra equipment such as oil separators, magnetic filtration, chemical dosing and steam extraction enables us to optimise the machine for each customer. 


This category is our answer to a cabin washer. Our frontloader consist of two types – the DF series and Twin Cleen™. The DF Series is standard a 1-stage cabin washer, where our Twin Cleen™ is a 2-stage(wash/rinse) model as standard. But these models can also be expanded to several stages. 


This category is our version on a simple part washer. Our toploader consist of two types – the RT-series and the DT-series. Both are a top-of-the-line model, but the difference lies in the insulation and operation.


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