Our table models are called Cleentek BMD-Series, and are available in different sizes between 4 and 28 liters. They are primarily built for industrial use, where one has to clean smaller, but complicated items.

Floor models

Our floor models are called Cleentek GMD Series, and are available in different sizes between 50 to 9000 liters. This series is built primarily for industrial use, where one needs to clean larger complicated items.

Chamber models

This type of ultrasonic cleaner is designed for those customers who have the big challenges for cleanliness. The system works with ultrasound under vacuum which is very effective in removing even the smallest particles.

Multi-stage models

Our multi-stage models are called Pluritank. Here it is possible to put the system together in several modules such as washing, rinsing, passivation, coating, drying and cooling.

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